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The town of Rotterdam (Schenectady County) was first settled predominately by the Dutch around the year 1661. It was formed from a ward of the city of Schenectady on April 14, 1820 and is named after the Nertherlands city bearing the same name. Rotterdam began as a frontier town and is now home to many agricultural, industrial, and commercial businesses. It was established as a first class town in the year of 1942.

During the mid 1800s, Rotterdam experienced a thriving broom corn industry. During the year of 1825, with the advent of the Erie Canal and the building of railroads within the town, hamlets such as Pattersonville, Rotterdam Junction, and south Schenectady were created. With two locks located within the town of Rotterdam, the town became an importanct part of the area’s railroad system.

The fertile soil along the Mohawk River was responsible for a thriving broom corn industry during the mid-1800’s. With the advent of the Erie Canal in 1825 and later, with the coming of railroads to Rotterdam, hamlets began to spring up, including Rotterdam Junction, South Schenectady, and Pattersonville. Rotterdam was an important part of the Northeast’s railroad system. The Erie Canal traversed the entire length of northeast Rotterdam, with two locks located in the town. Athens Junction and Mohawkville were quiet, pleasant settlements in the southeastern part of town.

The town borders the City of Schenectady. Rotterdam is the headquarters of Price Chopper, a supermarket chain in Upstate New York and New England. The New York State Thruway passes through the town.