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Located in Saratoga County, the region once called Palmertown was originally settled in 1764. Wilton was created from the Town of Northumberland in 1818 and borders Saratoga Springs. Wilton was first settled by William and Samuel Brisbin around the year of 1764

The Grant Cottage State Historic Site is located in Wilton (Mount McGregor, which is the highest peak of the Palmertown Range). The Friends of Ulysses S. Grant currently maintain the cottage. Ulysses S. Grant spent his last weeks finishing his memoirs prior to his death at the Cottage in 1885. The Wilton Heritage Society operates a museum at the base of Mount McGregor.

Places of Interest

* Ballard Corners
* Barnes Corners
* Dimmick Corners
* Gurn Spring
* Kings Station
* Loughberry Lake
* Mt. McGregor Correctional Facility
* Travers Corners
* Wilton