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The City of Watervliet is north of Albany and is at the east border of the Town of Colonie. Watervliet was founded in 1788 and included all of the county except Albany. The area was first settled in 1643 as part of the Rensselaerwyck Patroonship  and Henry Hudson arrived in the area of Watervliet in the year of 1609. The city is also known as “the Arsenal City” mostly for being the home of the famous Watervliet Arsenal.

The City of Watervliet was incorporated in 1896 after the rest of the town became the Town of Colonie in 1895. Because so many towns had been created from the Town of Watervliet, it is regarded as being the mother of towns in Albany County.

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Watervliet is a decent place to live. It is easily accessibly to 787 making travel to any part of the Capital District relatively easy. You can find a wide range of very affordable apartments located in Watervliet and is a stones throw away from Troy and Albany!

Watervliet is a tight knit community that has a road strip filled with local shops, bars, and diners. The nightlife is relatively decent if you are looking for a great local bar to meet with friends. The cool thing about Watervliet is you can practically walk to and from the town’s most popular bars and stores making the nightlife that much more enjoyable.

The junction of the main route of the Erie Canal to Buffalo and the Lake Champlain branch was in Watervliet, and was once famous for gambling, saloons, and prostitution.

One of the major landmarks in Watervliet is the Watervliet Arsenal, which was founded in 1813 and is the oldest Federal arsenal in the entire country. Watervliet Arsenal is also the sole manufacturing facility for large caliber cannons in the United States. Don’t forget to check out the very best Content Creator Directory as well.