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The Hauntings of Schenectady

Lowell Rd (Schenectady) – A man killed himself at a house on Lowell Rd. Since then its been reported of lights going off and doors swinging open and smalling shut

Front Street Park (Schenectady) – It has been said that it was once an Indian burial ground. According to reports, when you stand close to it you can truly feel the presence of something or someone. The benches of the park have been seen with shadows sitting in them and then dissappearing.

Union College (Schenectady) – There is a garden behind the college itself. On the first full moon after the summer solstice, the spirit of Alice is said to walk along the creek there. She was burned at the stake centuries ago as she was believed to be a witch.

Veil Cemetery (Schenectady)- Several of the statues bleed from the eyes and the tops of their heads and sometimes cry and shreik at night. Apparitions, both white and black, have been sighted roaming through the graves and sitting up in trees. The old church on the site also is said to be the home of many many ghosts. Strange lights can be seen in the windows and reports of hearing singing from the church has been reported.

Yates Elementary School (Schenectady) – Reports of the ghost of a young girl opening an upstairs door and entering it only to dissappear. She has been described as having short, wavy hair,  dressed in a brown flowered dress that went halfway down her shins, ankle socks, and wearing old shoes. The door is always locked, and as students always assumed it was a closet. After some students saw the appartion they told the teacher. She checked as it was still locked. Then, she used the school key to open it. The closet was actually a short set of stairs which led to a singular classroom which was no longer used and unknown to the current students. The girl was never found. Many students as well as some teachers had reported seeing the spirits of children open or go through the locked door to the classroom at the top of the hidden stairs.

Henry Hudson Park (Glenmont) In the Henry Hudson park, there’s a road that will take you to the park right off of RT9w. If you turn onto that road and follow it down it will bring you to a trail that is marked off “no trespassing”! The trail is marked with 2 large lion statues. If you walk this trail there is said to be a slave house where the white settlers had dropped off the slaves when they came in from the river. The rumor behind this is that in the 1980’s 4 kids went in to look 4 ghosts and they never came back, so 2 cops were sent in to look 4 them and only one came back out, the other was never seen again. Also sometimes you will see the lion statues eyes reflect light like if they were glass, but there cement.