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Stillwater is located in Saratoga County and is neighboring Saratoga Springs. The area was originally occupied by the Iroquois and Mohican Indians. In 1709, Peter Schuyler built Fort Ingoldsby in the town due to it’s location on the frontier of the French and Indian Wars. A replica of the fort is currently utilized as the Stillwater Blockhouse Museum.

The towns settlers arrived around 1730. Forts had been erected in the town many years before the first settlers arrived. During the American Revolution part of the Battle of Saratoga was fought in town. Many mark this battle as the turning point of the American Revolution.The Battle of Saratoga took place in the hills of Stillwater and led to the British defeat by General Horatio Gates and his men in 1777

Stillwater was officially established as a town in 1791 during the formation of Saratoga County. Stillwater incorporated as a village in 1816 and part of the town was subtracted in 1859 when Mechanicville became a village.

Stillwater is a major road from Albany to Canada. It lies on a major point of access for many New Yorkers on journeys to and from the country of Canada.

The village was called Upton, short for Up-town, as it was then the first and only settlement north of Half-Moon, or Waterford.


Places of Interest:


* Bemis Heights

* Brown’s Beach

* East Saratoga Junction

* Ketchums Corners

* Mechanicville

* Saratoga National Historic Site

* Snake Hill

* Stillwater

* Stillwater Junction

* Wayville

* Willow Glen