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Stephentown was first settled in 1764 and was created from the Rensselaerwyck Manor in 1784. It is located in the sourthest corner of Rensselaer County and is bordered by Massachusetts and Columbia County. It is the only place on earth with the name Stephentown.


It was named in honor of Stephen Van Rensselaer.  Stephen Van Rensselaer III was an American statesman, soldier and land-owner. He was the heir to one of the greatest estates in the New York region at the time.  Stephen Van Rensselaer died in the year 1839. He was buried on his family plot, but was later reinterred in the Albany Rural Cemetery.



Stephentown was first selttled around 1765 by pioneers from Rhode Island and Connecticut. Though there is debate over who indeed was the first settler, many believe it was clamied for Asa and Williand Cougles between 1765 and 1766. Others believe a group consisting of Joseph Rogers, Benjamin Gardner, Nathaniel Rose and others first settled the land. It seems to have been settled that the earliest inhabitants of Stephentown came, not as individuals or as single families, but in small colonies of a dozen or a score each



Every village or hamlet in the town of Stephentown bears its name:


North Stephentown, in the northeastern part of the town


Stephentown Centre, formerly sometimes called Mechanicville.


Stephentown Flats, on Kinderhook creek


West Stephentown, in the northwest corner of the town


South Stephentown is a small settlement in the southern part of the town



Places of Interest  



* Cherry Plain State Park –

* East Nassau — The part of the Village of East Nassau

* Garfield —  southwest of Stephentown village.

* North Stephentown — near the north town line on Route 22.

* Stephentown – the village

* Stephentown Center – northwest of Stephentown village. It was formerly called “Mechanicville.”

* Stephentown Flats — south of Stephentown village.

* West Stephentown –

* Wyomanock —  on Route 22.