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Article in The Sunday Gazette – September 20th, 2009

Young entrepreneurs’ Web sites promote region’s nightlife

Sunday, September 20, 2009
By Ameerah CetawayoGazette Reporter

CAPITAL REGION — A few twenty-somethings are behind new local Web sites that push food and entertainment events in the Capital Region.

The burning desire to consolidate the places people could hang out led Fever Pitch Marketing President and CEO Anthony DiMoro, 27, to begin putting together a directory of the area’s bars and restaurants last August, when he launched

“If I was going out to a place, I would Google it,” said DiMoro, a Mohonasen high school graduate of the class of 2000. “That just seemed long and drawn out.”

CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE’s 2009 Best of the Capital Region – Best Blog – 518 Fever :

Best Local Blog

518 is the perfect resource for things to do in the Capital Region. Owned by Fever Pitch Marketing this popular blog was started in 2008 by Anthony DiMoro. The website offers a blog, as well as a directory of bands in and around Albany listed by musical genre, facts and trivia about Albany and surrounding towns, a place to look up karaoke, bars and clubs and a place for social networking. 518 even has a promotions department with a team dedicated to helping you as best they can. Next time you are looking for something new to do in the area, check in with 518 to see where the latest hotspot is!

2. Steve Barnes/Tablehopping,


“Anthony DiMoro is the president and CEO of 518 Fever, a Web site which serves as a directory of Capital District entertainment. The site also features a social networking feature which organizers hope will become the local equivalent to the highly popular “Facebook” and “MySpace” Web sites. It can be found on the Web at……READ MORE

Metroland’s Reader’s Choice Awards 2009:

Best Web Site (arts)

1. Metroland

2.Times Union

3. 518 Fever

We’ve seen the Web page view totals. We know what you mean by “arts”—Metroland’s online movie schedule. Those responsible for creating this page thank you very much.

Best Web Site (music)



3. 518 Fever

CRUMBS is an acronym that’s too long to write out, mainly because we want to save room to praise the site for its scope and quality. We were close behind them in votes. (Thank you.) As for 518 Fever, they are doing their best to be the home of the hotness.