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Malta is located in Saratoga County and is the central part of Saratoga Springs. The town was first settled around 1865 by Drummond and McKelpin ( left the area as Revolutionary War began)  who setlled on the western shore of the Saratoga Lake. John Hunter, Michael Dunning, and Ashbel Andrews were also early settlers.

Malta was created from part of the town of Stillwater in the year 1802. During the early 1800’s more land was added to the town from Saratoga. The community of Round Lake became a vialleg within the town in 1969.

Malta has been primarily an agricultural town with many prosperous farms. Malta’s economic and cultural heritage reflects the settlement patterns and building types of 18th and 19th century rural America. There are many historic structures and sites in the Town of Malta.  A number of these are located on Dunning Street.

The area was well traveled by Native Americans (primarily Mohawk and Mohegan) who used the Saratoga water trail along the Kayaderosseras Creek in their journeys between the Mohawk and St. Lawrence Valleys well before any European settlers arrived.

Places of Interest:

* Browns Beach
* Country Knolls
* East Line
* Frances Corners
* Luther Forest
* Malta
* Maltaville
* Malta Ridge
* Mannings Cove
* Riley Cove
* Round Lake
* Round Lake
* Round Lake airport
* Saratoga Lake