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The Dutch settled Latham in the early 17th Century. The area was known at different times in it history as Yearsleys (1829), Van Vrankens (1851), Town House Corners (1866) as well as Latham’s Corners. It has been names after famous hotel owner William G. Latham.

The Old Loudon Road was built in 1755 during the French and Indian War to bring troops and provisioning of Albany to the areas of lake George and Ticonderoga. The Toll road of Troy and Schenectady (Rt.2 door and 7) were built before 1810 and intersected Old Loudon. 1785 Jonas Yearsley built the first hotel close to this intersection. The name changed into Latham when William Latham became owner of the hotel.

Latham’s most conspicuous features are its red-and-white checkered water towers, the larger of which bears the hamlet’s name, and the Latham Circle, a once-notorious traffic circle located near the site of the original Latham’s Corners. The circle was recently modified to be more like a modern roundabout, greatly improving its safety.

Latham Circle Mall was one of America’s earliest indoor shopping malls and is still operating today. Latham is also home to Hoffman’s Play land, which is a regional amusement park offering simple, rides and games for children

Latham has one of the area’s best diners, and one of the few that are open 24/7. It is also a short distance to Siena College as well as Hudson Valley Community college. It is a great area to live and personifies class and beauty. It also is home to a continuously expanding shopping center known as Latham Farms. It has also expanded into Latham Center and is home to many popular and growing bars. It has virtually no music scene but a great bar scene ideal for company outings or for those looking for a “less-hectic” party night.

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