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Lake Luzerne

Lake Luzerne is a town in Warren County and in the south part of the county. The northern part of the town is within the Adirondack Park. Lake Luzerne is west of the City of Glens Falls.

The south and west town lines are the border of Saratoga County, New York and the Hudson River.

Lake Luzerne represents a divide between water flowing south through the Hudson River and water flowing north through Lake George to the St. Lawrence River.

The area was first settled in 1770 and was formed from parts on the Town of Queensbury as the “Town of Fairfield”. It changed it’s name to Luzerne in 1808 and to Lake Luzerne in 1963.

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Lake Luzerne is mainly known for its Lake Luzerne Chamber Music Festival.

* Beartown – in the eastern part of the town.
* Danielstown – in the south part of the town.
* Fourth Lake – north of Lake Luzerne village on Route 9N. It is west of a lake, also called Fourth Lake.
* Hartman – in the south part of the town, east of Danielstown.
* Lake Luzerne – on the east bank of the Hudson River on Route 9N. It is south of a lake also called Lake Luzerne and by the west town line.
* Lake Vanare – east of Fourth Lake on Route 9N. It is next to a lake, Lake Vanare.

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