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Hauntings of Amsterdam

Widow Susan (Amsterdam)- Many stories have been told on who exactly Widow Susan is, but there is legend that the cemetery is indeed haunted. The story goes that if you drive to the top of the hill just before the cemetery, turn off ur lights as your coasting down the hill, and chant “Widow Susan” 3 times as you turn into the cemetery, strange things will occer. People have reported cars not starting, writings on the car, seeing strange figures, hearing screams, to even car door handled being shaken from the outside.

Broadalbin Hotel (Perth) – Many visitors to the hotel have reported lights going on and off & feeling someone sitting on the bed late at night and playing with their feet. Military uniformed ghosts have also been seen walking the halls at night.

Fulton Junior High (Fulton County) – Reportings of lights turning on and off, doors shut by themselves, kids can hear voices in the hallway during classes and they look around and find no one, the toilets flush by themselves. it is scary

Granby Center (Fulton County) – Locals report seeing 4 battered teenage girls staring at them, the same 4 girls who were driving drunk late a night coming from a party in the early 80’s. Their car and bodies were never found. Upon looking a second time though they would be gone.

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The Bulls Head Inn (Cobleskill) – It is reported that Mrs.Danforth (previous owner of the building) has been seen sitting in the rocking chair and haunting the place due to her hatred of alcohol. She is beleived to be upset her home is now a bar.

Prospect Hill Cemetery (Gloversville) – Reports of numerous sightings of ghosts and appartitions.


Duanesburg Central School (Duanesberg) – There have been two deaths at the High school. Since then there have been doors that slam by themselves, odd noises, and many orbs have been caught on camera, especially in the gymnasium. At weekend sports practices, students have claimed to see a figure run by the windows in the hallways.

Glens Falls Hospital (Glens Falls) – According to many many reports there are  ghosts in the old patient wing built over 150 years ago and there is said to be over 200 ghosts in the hospital.