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Hauntings of Albany

Cherry Hill (Albany) – A ghost has been reportedly seen on the lower floors and terrace

SUNY Albany – Mohican Hall (Albany): A ghost of a young person is said to wander the halls at night and has scared many residents of the dorm, first noted in 1994.

Pierce Hall: A spirit of a woman is said to haunt the halls late at night. Many students claim to have seen her all year round, endlessly roaming the halls.

St. Boneventure (Albany) – Fancis Hall :  Workers and students have reported weird noises and feelings of spirits. No one likes to go in there at night. Many monks have lived there throughout history.

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Sage College of Albany – The Fine Arts building is said to have numerous ghosts that can still be heard. It is known that at one time the buildings were once used for a Children’s Sanitarium.

The Albany Education Building – This place is said to have a haunted sub-basement (nicknamed “the dungeon”). According to legend, during the construction of the sub-basement a cement-layer went missing on the site and all that were found was housekeys and his lunch for the day. It has been assumed that he fell in while laying cement and nobody heard his cries for help. He has been deemd “Jason” and apaprently rides with people up the old steel elevator. He is considered to be a very friendly entity and has reportedly even helped certain people. Today, the sub-basement is storage for old books and documents and “Jason” apparently has a knack for making books fall on the floor from the shelf. In most cases, these books were what visitors had gone to the sub-basement had been looking for with no success. He has been seen frequently and cold spots have been reported as well as the feeling of being watched.

Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary (Wolf Rd, Albany)- It is said that a middle aged gentlemen can be seen walking past mirrors and turn lights on and off. A “heavy” feeling at night time. Apparently he is accompanied by a dog that can be heard and sometimes seen at night. Most sightings have occcured in the basement. The place has been restored several time and at one time was an old style home.

Snyder’s Lake (East Greenbush) The Night Watchman – Brutally murdered as a young man. He was never able to see his attacker so he now takes his anger out on the children that go to the camp on the lake. Numerous news articles are available from the times union on the abductions. The Caretaker: Died 2 years ago. Roams the area and checks the bathrooms for good conditions occasionally. Webbed: Boy with webbed fingers was an excellent swimmer till he drowned at the camp trying to save a boy. The other boy lived but webbed got stuck under the dock and drowned. Now when children are drowning and drifting further into the lake he pushes them into shore.

Revelatory Heros Cemetery (Latham) – In back of the Woodlands apartment complex is a preserved revolutionary war graveyard. With almost a dozen laid to rest at this location it is said that on summer nights with strong gusts of wind voices of men can be heard as well as the sound of drums.

Guptills Woods (Latham) – These woods are said to be haunted. The occurrences seem to take place mainly around a house off Pollock Road  located in the middle of the woods on the right. Witnesses have reported seeing light orbs and strange eyes without a face in the darkness. Some people have even claimed to hear singing.