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The Town of Bethlehem is south of the City of Albany. Bethlehem was established on March 12, 1793 from the Town of Watervliet.  It includes the hamlets of Delmar, Elsmere, Glenmont, Selkirk, Slingerlands, and South and North Bethlehem. In 1832, part of the town was used to form the Town of New Scotland.

When Henry Hudson sailed up the river it is believed that he eventually landed at what is now the town of Bethlehem and is now named Henry Hudson Park.

The Town’s earliest growth took place in Normansville and is the town’s border from Albany. Normansville goes literally unnoticed by most Bethlehem residents because it is accessible only by one downhill road with no outlet. Delmar has become the most populated hamlet and its Delaware Avenue is the site of the present day town hall, police station, library, local businesses, offices and the justice court.

The railroad discontinued passenger service in the 1960s and was completely removed in 2005.

Bethlehem offers high-quality school systems, excellent recreational facilities for young and old, and superb programs and services at a cost that is both reasonable and fair to taxpayers. It is a nice and quiet town with relatively no local music scene, but a handful of fun local bars with very reasonable drink prices.


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