East Greenbush

East Greenbush is located in Rensselaer County (western edge) and the name is derivred from the Dutch word “Green Bosh”, which is in reference to the dense wodds that covered the area. It is believed that the town was first settled around 1631 by tenants under Patroon Kilian Rensselaer.


According to the Town Website:
” Historians are not clear when the first settlers arrived, but there is an indication that it was in 1628 in the town known as Greenbush, which covered a large area on the east bank of the Hudson River. The Mohicans as a nation, did not leave their land on the the east side of the Hudson, nor reliquish their rights Van Renssaleaer until 1600.”


It is bordered by North Greenbush, the Town of Schodak, the Town of Sand Lake, and Rensselaer.

The town currently consists of parts of Sand Lake, North Greenbush and a piece of land annexed by Troy in 1836. In 1855 the Greenbush Township was divided to form the town of Clinton and the town of North Greenbush. A couple years later, the town of Clinton was changed to East Greenbush (1858).

Grain and fruit were the main products of the town because the it lacked waterpower which hindered the development of certain early industries. During the War of 1812, extensive barracks were erected on the hills of Greenbush Village.