The Town of Duanesburg (originally Duane’s Bush) is in the western part of Schenectady County and was named after James Duane, who owned most of the original land. Mr. Duane envisioned Duanesburg as the future capital of New York. Original settlers were originally the English Quakers from nearby Dutchess County. After it was recognized as a township in 1765, it was combined with nearby Schoharie only to be separated in 1772. It was officially a town on March 22nd 1788.


The original name was Duane’s Bush and was first established as a township on 1765.


Duanesburg contains the Schoharie Creek, Bozenkill Falls, Sheldon Falls, and the Undine Falls.


Duanesburg’s Four Corners is the intersection of Route 7 and Route 20 and where many town establishments/businesses have considered home over the years and continue to do so today.



Duanesburg’s Points of Interest:



Braman Corners – in the western part of the town.

Millers Corners – in the northwestern part of the town.

Delanson – The Village of Delanson in the southeast part of the town

Duanesburg — The hamlet of Duanesburg in the south part of the town.

Duanesburg Churches – north of Duanesburg.

Duane Lake – A lake southeast of Duanesburg village.

Eaton Corners – in the western part of the town.

Mariaville – near the northeast town line.

Mariaville Lake – A lake near the east town line.

Quaker Street – in the southwest part of the town.