Delanson is located in the southern region of the Town of Duanesburg of Schenectady County. It is situated between historic Cheery Valley Turnpike and the highway once known as the Danforth Turnpike, which is now Route 7. Delanson was incorporated as a village in the year of 1921.


Originally known as Toad Hollow and located at the head of the Normanskill drainage, Delanson’s town history can be traced back to as early as 1893. During the 1890s there was much debate over the changing of the town’s name. It was at first changed to Quaker Street Station and then eventually became a combination of the names Delaware and Hudson, forming Delanson. Because the post office was located at Quaker Street, a movement was started to establish a post office at Delanson.


Early in the 1880’s a small greenhouse was built under the direction of Mrs. H. W. Harris. In 1895 the need for improved water service for both railroad and domestic purposes forced the creation of the Duanesburg Water Company along with the installation of a reservoir with necessary means of distribution. Another reservoir was added around 1909. A train station and freight house were built in the mid-late 1800s (Quaker Street Station) and was built as an access point for the Albany and Susquehanna Railroad.


A Fire Department was built in 1923 for the volunteer fire fighters that were initially organized in 1920. It features an auditorium and a room for the Village Board’s use.


The Fulton County Gas and Electric Company was established in 1925 and provided streetlights and current for domestic use.