Located in Saratoga County, The Town of Corinth contains a village with the name Corinth. The town is on the northeast border of the county, north of Saratoga Springs. It regards itself as the “snowshoe capital of the world.” Corinth was first settled near Mount McGregor in 1775, by Ambrose Clothier, and was formerly known as Jesups Landing.

Corinth was formed from the Town of Hadley in 1818. The town saw an economic boost after the American Civil War, when a great number of paper mills opened throughout the town. It is believed that former President Ulysses S. Grant spent his last days at Mount McGregor, which is now located in Wilton.

Corinth incorporated as a village in 1888.

The first lumber mills in the town were built around the 1800s and The first clothing mill was built around the year 1805 on Kayaderosseras creek.

Places of Interest

* Daly’s Creek — A stream running into the Great Sacandaga Lake.
* Efner Lake — A lake near the north town line
* Hunt Lake —  east of Efner Lake.
* Jenny Lake — east of Efner Lake.
* Lake Bonita — A lake
* Mount McGregor —
* Mt. McGregor Correctional Facility — A New York state prison by Mount McGregor.
* Palmer —  on County Road 24.
* Randall Corner —  on County Road 25.
* South Corinth —
* Woodland Lake — A lake