These are the games 518Fever had available to play for free on the website

Nothing to do? Want to burn some time? Need the day to be a little more exciting?

Don’t let boredom get the best of you! Whether you are at work, home or on the road The Fever Arcade can help you defeat boredom! Check out the classic games in the Fever Arcade!

9 Ball
Pool. Plain and Simple!

Who can forget this classic? One of the first popular video games.

Join the Caped Crusader for his latest adventure.

Black Jack
Deal Em!

Burger Time
Burger Time is a classic! Relive one of the best games of years past.

Call of Duty
The popular first person shooter series comes online to

A thinking man’s game.

This Nintendo classic finds a home on Lock & Load

Counter Strike
Another first person shooter to give you your fix!

Donkey Kong
What conversation regarding classic games would be official without mentioning Donkey Kong!

Hulk Smash’Em
Incredible Hulk in a Rampage-style game! Break stuff!

Legend of Zelda
Nintendo’s legendary game series.

Challenge yourself!

Video Game Classic = Pacman. Nuff’ Said!

Riff Master
A version of Guitar Hero.

The popular puzzle game series

Deal Em! One of the best ways to pass time.

Sonic the Hedgehog
The poster game for the Sega Genesis! Join Sonic, Tails and friends on this journey!

Space Invaders
An original classic!

Super Mario Bros. Flash
A nice version of Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. 2
Join Mario & Luigi on their latest adventure

Super Mario Bros. 3
The full Nintendo game! Super Mario 3!

Super Smash Flash
Super Smash Bros….our version!

Just a warning…Tetris is addicting

Tic Tac Toe
One of the oldest puzzle games.

World Cup Soccer
Still have World Cup fever? Get your fix here


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