Alplaus is loated in Schenectady County and the southeast corner of Glenville. Alplaus was recognized, at a time, as the having smallest population for any zip code within the United State. It is not an incorporated area, so it does not have specific borders. The Schenectady County Airport partially lies within Alplaus.

The majorĀ  feature is Alplaus Kill which is a tributary to the Mohawk River. There is one main road (Alplaus Avenue), with several streets branching from it. On this road in the center of the hamlet are the Post Office; the Fire House ( founded in 1930); and Samuel’s Coffeehouse.

In 1690, 114 Frenchmen and 96 Sault and Algonquin Indians encamped at the mouth of Alplaus Kill, prior to the Schenectady massacre.

From 1902 to 1941, the “longest trolley bridge in the world” crossed the Mohawk river at Alplaus. The trolley brought visitors from Schenectady to the fairgrounds in Rexford.

During World War II, the General Electric Company tested jet engines and electronic surveillance equipment at the Schenectady County Airport which lies partially in Alplaus.

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